Up to fifty times the power to fight off pathogens.

Beautify Skin

Heals and rejuvenates climate damaged skin.


Fight off infections and heal the damaged cells quicker.

Healthy Children

Combat childhood illnesses and speed up recovery.


For over a decade, Colloidal Silver by Optimum You has supported immune systems, with quantifiably, superior results.

Fights Pathogens

Antibacterial and antiviral properties, inhibiting the replication of many pathogens.

Heal Pets

Stimulate your pets immune system and their ability to heal faster. Add to pets water or spray on.

helps sinuses

With natural healing properties, colloidal silver can drastically help your body eliminate sinus issues.

Children Health

Stem cells respond to the extra strength of Optimum You Colloidal Silver. Help children heal faster.

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immune health

extra strength

8oz Colloidal Silver 500ppm
spray bottle included

  • Immune Support
  • Wound Care
  • Superior Healing

For Pets

proven results

8oz Colloidal Silver 500ppm for pets
spray bottle included

  • Skin Renewal
  • Stem Cell Production
  • Bioactive

For Family

Improve Immunity

Optimum You 1000mg C Complex
Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids

  • Vascular Support
  • Collagen Support
  • Immune Support

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