Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids for Immune Support


Discover Optimum You C Complex, a superior quality vitamin C supplement recommended by physicians for its bioactive benefits. Support your immune system and explore potential reductions in bruising with our carefully formulated tablets. Take one in the morning and evening, increasing gradually if tolerated. Ensure your body’s vitamin C levels are maintained, especially during times of stress, and complement with vitamin C-rich foods like mangoes and citrus fruits for optimum health.

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120 Tablets, 1000 mg

Optimum You C Complex  is a vitamin C with bioflavonoids yielding superior bioactive quality and providing excellent support for the immune system. It is utilized and recommended by physicians. Try it and observe the tangible results you will experience!


Vitamin C is used by the immune system as a part of its arsenal to destroy intruders and break down unwanted substances in the blood.  If you do not have enough, your immune system will be shooting blanks!  This is never good because you can’t destroy intruders or break down unwanted substances with blanks.  Vitamin C can always use the help of Optimum You Colloidal Silver, 500 ppm when strengthening the immune system.


Vitamin C is great for bruising.  Bruising occurs when the small blood vessels rupture and blood leaks into the surrounding tissue.  The way to prevent bruising is to strengthen the blood vessels so they do not rupture.  How?  With our highly bioavailable Optimum You C Complex.  Did you know that there is a gluelike substance that holds the blood vessels together to keep them from rupturing?  This gluelike substance is called ground substance.   It is mostly made out of vitamin C  and is the structural “mortar” that holds small blood vessels together.  So, when your body has enough vitamin C, the ground substance is strong like gorilla glue and holds the blood vessels together under nearly all circumstances.  This prevents bruises from ever occurring.  When you don’t have enough vitamin C, the ground substance is weak like cheap dollar store glue.  Your blood vessels break open and cause bruising with the least little tap or pumping of the heart.

We encourage you to try Optimum You C Complex twice daily and see how effective it is at reducing the frequency of bruises.


No, blood thinners do not CAUSE bruising.  Weakened ground substance is what causes bruising.  If you do not have enough vitamin C to keep your ground substance strong, your blood vessels can burst open when your blood they have to stretch as the heart pumps sending a bolus of blood through them.  Once the blood thinner thins the blood, more of the thinner blood will leak out of the blood vessel causing a slightly larger bruise than what you would get if there were no blood thinner in your system.  The blood thinners do not break open the blood vessel.  They simply thin the blood allowing more blood to leak out should the blood vessel rupture.


Take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening for several days. If this dosage does not result in loose stools, consider increasing to two tablets in the morning and two in the evening. Since stress can rapidly deplete the body’s vitamin C levels, it’s important to take vitamin C twice daily. Additionally, incorporating mangoes and citrus fruits into your diet is an excellent method of boosting your vitamin C intake.


Consult a qualified natural health professional for a free 15-minute consultation.


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