Colloidal silver benefits run the gambit and have been known and accepted as common knowledge for a very long time. As a result, centuries ago, a silver dollar was placed in the container housing the drinking water to keep it safe to drink. The science of this concept was not known at the time. But the benefits of colloidal silver were most definitely known! Let’s consider some important benefits of Optimum You Colloidal Silver 500 ppm.

Colloidal Silver Benefits

Fighting Infections

One benefit of Optimum You Colloidal Silver is its ability to fight infections such as ear, sinus, eye and skin infections. Consider bacteria, for example. Bacteria can spin clockwise or counterclockwise. The direction they spin in makes them conducive to human health or bad for human health. Colloidal silver only destroys the bacteria that spins in the direction that is bad for human health.  It suffocates the bacteria. This means that though colloidal silver will kill the bad germs, it does not harm the good ones that your body needs in order to stay healthy. Therefore, you can drink it knowing that it will not harm your intestinal flora. And, you can spray Optimum You Colloidal Silver, 500 ppm on your skin knowing it will only destroy the germs that should not be there!
Diet Approach to Boost Stem Cell Production

Colloidal Silver Benefits

Increased Stem Cells

Another benefit of colloidal silver is its ability to stimulate the production of stem cells that can become any cell your body needs to heal. For example, this means that the stem cells can become cells needed by your immune system when it is fighting an infection. The stem cells can also become cells needed to help wounds heal quickly to keep them from getting reinfected. This makes the benefits of Optimum You Colloidal Silver, 500 ppm a necessity when dealing with any kind of infection.

Colloidal Silver Benefits

Tissue and Organ Regeneration

A huge benefit of colloidal silver increasing the stem cell production is more cells to become the cells needed by your body.  These new cells can be used to rebuild tissues for your muscles, heart, brain, liver and bones. Rebuilding these tissues can allow the body to actually rebuild the organs that they are a part of. Yes, this means that Optimum You Colloidal Silver, 500 ppm can help your body rebuild its liver, brain and heart. Impressive!
Let Colloidal Silver Help You Attain Your Optimum Health Status!


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